Understanding and debating the fears about artificial intelligence

Understanding and debating the fears about artificial intelligence

In recent years more has been written about artificial intelligence in technology and business publications than ever before: the current wave of artificial intelligence innovations has caught the attention of virtually everyone, not in the least because of artificial intelligence fears.

Artificial intelligence (AI) isn’t new but this time it’s different. Cognitive systems and AI are innovation accelerators of the nascent digital transformation economy.

The evolution of AI-powered innovations and solutions in a myriad of areas has led to numerous articles and reports on the value of AI and its application across a wide range of domains, as well as the necessity and possibilities of artificial intelligence in a hyperconnected reality of people, information, processes, devices, technologies and transformations. Artificial intelligence in business is a reality.

Even mainstream media have reported numerous times on artificial intelligence, albeit often with a different twist than : is artificial intelligence something we should fear or not? The question and concerns are real. So let’s take a look.

Several media and specialized publications mentioned the stark warnings regarding the impact of artificial intelligence for the future of humanity which has been coming from a wide range of globally recognized and respected science, technology and business leaders with very influential voices.

Several of them mentioned artificial intelligence as a potential threat to humanity. Think about people like Elon Musk, Bill Gates and Stephen Hawking, for instance. Influential indeed.

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