Newest Smart Watches

Newest Smart Watches

Since last year, we’ve seen several exciting new products launch. Here’s a peek at some of the most popular and newest watches.

Fitbit Ionic

Fitbit’s fitness smartwatch came out in fall of 2017. It generated plenty of buzz by being the wearable giant’s first true smartwatch, but it does feature a bulky design that isn’t loved by everyone. Its functionality puts it into direct competition with Apple watches, but it maintains Fitbit’s mission to focus on fitness. A few of the key features of the Ionic include:

  • Water resistance to 50 meters
  • Integrated GPS
  • Smart notifications
  • App store (coming soon)
  • Music control and storage
  • Activity and fitness tracking

Fitbit’s smartwatch ios are still relatively new, so there continual additions and updates that customers see now and will see in the future. This includes more options for the app store and health tracking options such as sleep apnea data and diabetes management.

The Ionic’s unique style and simplified smartwatch capabilities (such as you get notifications but can’t respond to them) make it unappealing to some. However, because it is Fitbit and because it can be used with any smartphone, it’s a great alternative to the Apple Watch. It also shines on its own if you like fitness tracking and data options. Plus, it boasts a 4-day battery life (way better than the Apple Watch’s 18

Fitbit Versa

With a much more universally appealing design than the Ionic and an even nicer price tag, the Versa is the most recent product from Fitbit. It does a few things for the brand — it replaces the Blaze, offers a slim design, water resistance (something all Fitbits lacked until the past two devices) and some of the best features of the Ionic.

Here’s a peek at some of the favoured features of the Versa:

  • Water resistance to 50 meters
  • Smartphone notifications
  • 4+ day battery life
  • Phone-free music
  • NFC payments (on the special edition version)
  • App store

It lacks the built-in GPS of the Ionic, but it’s also offered at a starting price of under $200, so we can’t complain much. It does connect with your smartphone’s GPS, however, and it has phone-free music like the Ionic. Want to read our full review of the Versa?

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